May 28 Rockville Rotary Club meeting
The History of Baseball in Rockville
Speaker:  Bill Hickman
Presented by Peerless Rockville
Rockville Rotarians are invited on May 28, at noon, to join with Peerless Rockville to hear Bill Hickman's presentation on "The History of Baseball in Rockville."
Bill, a long-time baseball fan who lives in Rockville, was set to speak to our club on March 26.....  and the rest is history.
Bill is presenting this free talk for Peerless Rockville, our local history and historic preservation nonprofit organization.  Peerless has arranged for us to join via Zoom by registering through this link:
Please register before Thursday and Peerless Rockville will send you a link to the Zoom presentation. 
Visit to learn more.  Information is on the Home Page; you'll see the baseball picture above the third item down on the page, with details just below.
Please note that Bill's program will start at Noon.  Bill will answer questions at the end of the program.  
See you there on Thursday!